Nov 16, 2012

The Best Vegan Sausage Ever!

Field Roast Sausage Links
I searched for a long time for a meatless sausage replacement and really did not like most of the types I tried. Perhaps it is because I was never a big fan of sausage to begin with, despite my father being a sausage maker. Then I found Smoked Apple Sage Sausage Links from Field Roast. They are simply amazing. And, they are not only vegan, but soy free. The ingredients are made with wheat gluten, vegetables and spices. My meat eating friends love them, they are delicious alone, in a roll, sliced and added to pasta dishes.

I have tried the other two flavors, Italian and Mexican Chipotle, but the Apple Sage is still my favorite. Apparently other people agree, as that flavor is typically the first to sell out at Whole Foods. They aren't cheap, but filling and totally worth the price.  According to Field Roast's website, Whole Foods in Swampscott is the only place you can purchase them on the North Shore.

To prepare the sausage, I cook them in a frying pan with light safflower or canola oil. Sometimes I leave them whole, but if I'm in a hurry, I butterfly them so the center cooks faster. One of my friends served them sliced in rounds as appetizers at a party and they were gone in minutes.

Nov 7, 2012

Vegetarian in Salem MA

I moved to Salem earlier this year and I am thrilled with the vegetarian friendly restaurants available to me here. And with the opening of Life Alive, a 100% vegetarian restaurant, my dining options are complete. Here is a breakdown of my favorite veg friendly eating establishments in Salem...

Life Alive- Mostly vegan, organic, and holistically focused. The menu is warming and healing, plus there is finally a place to get juices and smoothies in town. Front Street does offer some juices, but they are limited.

Passage to India- there are always vegetarian options at Indian restaurants.  My favorite dish here is the Palak Paneer. But the Dal Maharani is so tasty, as well as the Vegetable Masala. Mulligatawny soup is vegetarian and the best I've tasted.

Howling Wolf Taqueria - Finally a really good, affordable Mexican restaurant. The guacamole tacos are great, as is the burritos and nachos. Highly recommended for $2 Tuesday Taco night.

The Old Spot- Yes, this is an Irish pub, but they have a super tasty black bean burger that I crave all the time.

Gulu-Gulu Cafe- Great drink selection and entertainment. Many vegetarian options to choose from.

Kushco Bistro- many vegetarian and vegan sandwich options

Thai Place Restaurant- weird location in the almost barren Salem Mall, but the staff is so friendly and appreciative. Only problem with Thai food in general is the possible addition of fish flavoring. It's a little harder with the language barrier, but the vegetarian food I get there is always tasty.

Salem Beer Works- Most of their menu is typical American bar food, with lots of meat, but their fried pickles and nachos are quite good, despite being really bad for you.

62 Restaurant & Wine Bar - Upscale Modern Italian with plenty of vegetarian small plates to try. Some of my current favorites are the Arancini, Chickpea Fritters, and Beet Salad. They always offer a vegetarian pasta dish as well.

Damatas Pizza - I recently discovered this place and have to say their pizza is cheap and really delicious. If you are a cheese eating vegetarian I highly recommend this place.

Hong Kong King -  For the occasional Chinese food cravings I get, this place always satisfies. I know its not the best food for you, and despite its sketchy looks, the food is actually pretty decent. I typically get the spring rolls and vegetable fried rice. I only tried it because of the high Yelp ratings and they did not disappoint.

There is one place I haven't tried yet that looks promising- Okea Grill and Sushi. I hear great things and they have many vegetable rolls on the menu, but I have not been able to get over there. If you've tried it, let me know what you think.

Happy Dining!