Apr 2, 2009

Best Tofu Ever - The Bridge

I discovered The Bridge tofu last year, when I was looking for all natural tofu, and it is the tastiest tofu I have ever eaten. Their seitan and prepared tofu salad are both really good as well. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find it at my local Whole Foods for a few weeks and I am freaking out. I just emailed the company, so hopefully I can find another local source. If you haven't tried this brand, you must! The package says that it is made by hand in the traditional kettle style. I'm not sure what that entails, but the result is so yummy. I can't even describe how delicious their tofu is. Here is a blurb from their website:

"The quality of hand made freshness that is the hallmark of our products continues to inspire many in their search for high quality natural foods. Each product is made from outstanding ingredients in a richly restored tradition; slowly by hand, fresh to order, by people - not machines. When you eat products made by The Bridge, you'll notice they taste different from others you may have tried. They possess a remarkable and delicious depth of flavor. There is a difference in how you feel as well, because all of the food we make is alive. That is the most important thing we do."

I'll keep you posted on local sources, if any.

*update- Stephen, the company president emailed me back right away and supposedly the Swampscott Whole Foods orders every week, so I'm going to have to inquire at the store. Maybe they moved the product to a different section.
*4/8/09 - Swampscott Whole Foods has The Bridge in stock again. Yippee.

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  1. I totally agree.

    I feel like the Bridge's Tofu is the closest I will ever get to the ancient technique of Tofu making, and a Chinese Grandmother. I also love the fact that it has very unassuming packaging. It really shows where there priorities are.