Apr 11, 2010

Whole Food Breakfast Burritos

I just started my 1-2 month whole food diet in the hopes of increasing my metabolism and energy and also maybe losing some of the extra pounds I gained this past year. This means I will not be eating any flour, sugar, dairy, caffeine or alcohol. Yikes! No bread, cheese, wine, or coffee. It's definitely going to be hard, but with the help of my good friend Kelly, who is a Nutritional Health Counselor, I know I can do it.

For this coming work week, we came up with the idea to make breakfast burritos because I love me a good burrito. But these burritos can't be made with bread or dairy. They will contain the following:

brown rice
black beans
mashed avocado, mixed with lemon juice, flax oil and herbs
shredded carrots
shredded daikon

I will assemble and wrap all of the ingredients in a large piece of romaine lettuce. The best part of this meal is that I made all of the rice and beans for the week ahead of time. This is especially important because I hate to wake up early and the less time I need in the morning, the better. I was also able to mash several avocados ahead of time. Kelly says if I mix lemon juice with the avocado it won't brown. I can't wait to try these tomorrow morning.

If you are interested in nutritional counseling, feel free to contact Kelly at Lifeshine.net.


  1. This wrap sounds SO good. How was it? (P.S. Lemon juice will definitely do the trick, but I prefer lime.)

  2. They are delicious and a perfect way to start the day. I used a blend of fresh parsley, basil and/or cilantro for the herbs. I think the parsley held up the best mixed in the night before. I was also making them for Jim and he loved them too.

    Thanks for the tip on the lime Cheri- I will try that!